We are Tyler Marketing

Small businesses don't have marketing departments. That's where we come in. Talk to us when you have a marketing need and we'll make sure you get the best value for your marketing budget.

Who we are.

Mark and his small team of designers and developers have been helping businesses for over 15 years. We know what works, how to add value and will get you quality results within an agreed budget.










What you look like makes a difference. Design isn't just about looking professional, it's getting the right look and feel for your business. We take time to understand your business and your customers. We make sure the imagery we create stands out and is appropriate for the market you are in.

Web Sites

What's important these days for a company website? Well designed; easy to navigate; mobile and tablet friendly; search engine optimized; fast to load; future proof; a content management system; can trade online; links to social media. We consider all this and more before coming up with the correct solution for you.


Do you want to sell online? The solutions you choose will depend very much on the what you are selling and how many products you have. But you will also need to consider payment gateways, mobile and app integration as well as external online marketplace product feeds together with pay for click campaigns. We can help you with all these and more.

Social Media

As a small business social media can be lucrative marketing channel. You need to pick the right ones to concentrate on for your market. Then learn how to make the most of the tools and channels available with them to reach your audience. Questions we can help you with are: Which media do you align yourself with? How do I boost a post on Facebook? Which ads to set up on social media?

How we work.

1First we will take the time to understand your business and the market you are in. We need to know what will appeal to your customer and how to get the right look and feel for your project to make the correct visual impression. So much communication is visual these days and it’s important to get it right.

2 Then we will find the right solution to meet your particular marketing project budget. There are so many options for building a new web site for example that it’s sometimes difficult to know what will work for you. We have the experience to help you make the correct decision. That way you will get maximise results for your marketing spend.

3Finally we’re looking for a long-term relationship with you. We will support you in the form of additional services, updates to your site or the training required for you to make amendments and updates through a Content Management System. We will always make you ware of any additional cost so there are no nasty surprises.